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Shibli Faraz says ‘important documents’ stolen from Islamabad residence

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf leader Senator Shibli Faraz on Saturday claimed that his house was burgled the previous night by unknown persons, ARY News reported.

However, he said that several ‘important documents’ including his letters, tax returns, property papers and documents of the Ahmed Faraz Trust were taken away.

The son of renowned poet Ahmed Faraz, said the house located in Sector F7, was vacant and the documents were shifted there from his office. He said that only documents were stolen and no other precious items were taken from there.

Shibli Faraz alleged common thieves have nothing to do with the papers, and insisted that the break-in was an attempt to malign him and his party.

“Those responsible for the theft wanted to get their hands on documents that could be used to defame and blackmail me and the PTI,” he said.

He added that they have not done anything wrong and they have struggled to reach the position. He warned that such stunts will not deter him or his party.

He registered a complaint with police who conducted a thorough search of his house. He demanded that law enforcement officers investigate the matter properly.



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