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272nd Urs of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai begins

Sharmila Farooqi, Sindh special assistant on culture and tourism inaugurated a cultural exhibition at Shah jo Bagh in Bhit Shah.

Speaking on the occasion Farooqi promised to take steps for the better arrangements and care of the mausoleum building.

Heavy contingents of police were deployed for security on the Urs.

Large number of devotees of the Sufi shrine are reaching Bhit Shah to attend three-day ceremonies of the great poet and patron saint of Sindh.

In a couplet in Shah Jo Risalo, Shah Latif prays: “Saeen’m Sadaeen Kareen Mathe Sindh Sukar-Dost Mitha Dildar Alam Sab Abad Kareen”. (O’God may ever You on Sindh bestow abundance rare-Beloved! All the world let share Thy grace and fruitful be)

Sindh Government has announced public holiday in the province today.

Besides Mahafil-e-Sama, Folk Poets Gathering, World Conference on Latif Literature, Latif Awards and Cultural Exhibition will be held during the Urs celebrations from November 27-29.



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