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Battle of the Tablets “Apple vs Acer” which is better ?

It’s been eight years since the tablet craze started when Apple launched its first iPad back in 2010. It certainly took a while but finally, the competition has stirred up. Acer has launched a new tablet showcasing some of the best innovative features. This Acer tab is not in the expected form of an android tablet but that for a chrome OS-based one. The first battleground for these newly launched gadgets will be schools.

Both these tablets were launched in between a 24 hour time zone. Acer was the first one, as it launched the world’s first chrome book tablet. Apple followed with its own pencil-compatible iPad that matches Acer’s in just about every way be it price, battery life, screen resolution, and portability.

Acer’s 9.7-inch Chromebook Tab 10


A guest draws the bones of the hand on Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad during an event held to introduce the device at Lane Tech College Prep High School on March 27, 2018, in Chicago. The device will work with Apple Pencil and is available today.

iPad might have an edge over models that cost hundreds of dollars less: privacy. In a world where all devices all pretty much do the same thing, Apple’s leverage with its new tablet has less to do with what it can do and more to do with what students do with it. And it’s an area where Apple is poised to lead the conversation, both in and out of classrooms.

One use commented saying ;

I own an iPad Pro, but just went to apple and you can get an iPad 9.7 inch for the exact same price. I’m telling you, if Apple would give mouse support, ChomeOS is done.

The new iPad would have been a lot more feasible to schools with a $250 price tag rather than a $300 one, but Apple has more to offer students and teachers with the new iPad than Pencil support and a pretty design. iPads aren’t just built to last, they’re built to safely store and transfer your most sensitive data without needing to set up secure folders or fiddle with any settings. As Steve Jobs used to say,


                                                                                                      “It just works.”


Steve Jobs


While Google might not be actively using Chromebooks in schools to actively track or spy on students, a recent report by the Electronic Frontier Foundation found that:

“Educational technology services often collect far more information on kids than is necessary and store this information indefinitely.”

That’s not a result of Google being nefarious but rather a symptom of how Chrome books operate through the Chrome browser. And it’s a problem that will only be amplified with the launch of tablets.




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