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3 Bahadur to set new standards in Pakistan: Oscar-winner Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy

In an interview with anchorperson Wasim Badami during program 11th Hour, Ms Chinoy said that the film market involving country’s children was not yet explored in Pakistan and she decided to take up the this diverse idea.

“So far all popular children shows have remained to be a foreign product,” she explained. “But, 3 Bahadur will be a film which will be featuring our own dynamics, our society, places, issues and language”.

Sharmeen Obaid remarks on 3 Bahadur movie by arynews
Revealing the plot of the first animated movie of Pakistan, she said that the flick is about three kids – Saad, Amna and Kamil – who live in Andhair Basti which was previously known as Roshan Nagar.

The kids strive to restore life to their neighborhood, she added.

“The movie includes superb songs with appealing lyrics, as well as dialogues which will mean different for the children and the parents,” told the academy award winner. “The flick has a message that every child has a super power, which should not be challenged.”

When asked why such a potential market was not exploited earlier, she replied that it requires courage to take the first attempt, adding “I have always jumped first, then thought later. While I was making documentaries, people said Pakistan was no place for filming documentaries, yet I did and it earned me an Oscar.”

Meanwhile, CEO ARY Digital Network Salman Iqbal was also looped in and when asked to comment on this venture, he said that it involves risk, “but we did it for Sharmeen’s sake and to promote our own products.”

CEO ARY Digital Network Salman Iqbal

Speaking further, Mr Iqbal said that we should be proud of being Pakistani and further our own products.

“So far everyone here was promoting foreign movies, which didn’t even require promotion as the foreign market is established enough and has bulk of buyers,” he said. “We have resolved to promote our products and the ARY Films is producing a flick every two months.”

3 Bahadur is a different kind of movie in which the kids have been depicted as super heroes, while Sharmeen and her team have really worked hard on this diverse idea, said the CEO ARY Nework.

Salman Iqbal also said that ARY Films will be releasing four movies this year, while nine motion pictures are scheduled in the coming year.

He also said that in the next five years Pakistani film industry will be competing with the Indian industry.

Renowned actor and director Yasir Nawaz also praised Sharmeen Obaid during the program for taking such a diverse idea.

ARY CEO vows to come up with 9 films in 2016 by arynews
We all focus on targeting the audience and try to bring as many people to watch the film as we could and as per my opinion 3 Bahadur is a difficult-to-afford movie, he said.

“Had I been in place of Sharmeen, I would not have gone ahead with this”, Nawaz said. “I would say that its not ‘3 Bahadur’, it is rather ‘4 Bahadur’, the fourth being Sharmeen.

“The best thing about the movie is that it involves our own society and has a local touch, and the people today want to witness something of their own,” he added.



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