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World’s oldest cat ‘Scooter’ dies aged 30

Scooter was a Siamese cat and was born on 26th March, 1986. The makes her 30 years old which is twice as long as the average age of a domesticated cat. This means living to the age of 136 in human years.


However, its age could not be verified as it died before being confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records. Guinness takes up to twelve weeks to confirm the evidence but had said that it was impressed by the cat’s longevity.


Floyd did not reveal when Scooter died but said it was in Spring last month.

She said that she was present when Scooter was born. The cat’s mother died four weeks after it was born.

“He was so special,” said Floyd. “I don’t think I’m ever going to get over this.”

The frisky feline was playful and hardly ever left its’s owner’s sight. It would wake her up every morning at 6 AM by jumping around her,  and would wait for her by the door until she returned from work.  It enjoyed being blow-dried and eating chicken and had a healthy lifestyle.


Scooter also liked to see places and meeting new places. The cat was well traveled  and had been to 45 out of the 50 states of USA in its lifetime. It broke its leg two years ago but despite that managed to live long enough.

The cat lost its nine lives when it died. It hands over the title of the world’s oldest cat to a 26-year-old Maine Coon from Oregon named Corduroy.



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