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4 home made remedies to purge dark circles

Through this article, read on and get to know how you can avoid the menace of dark spots and have a clean, smooth skin to show off! With simple and easy to implement techniques, benefit from these home remedies and make sure your skin remains spotless Adopt the following home made remedies in order to maintain a clean and healthy skin:-

1. Tomato juice does the trick!
Create the mixture of tomato juice and lemon juice in order to rid your skin from dark spots beneath the eyes. Simply add a teaspoon of tomato juice to a teaspoon of lemon juice and apply the mixture beneath your eyes. You may not know this, but tomato juice is beneficial and wonderful fro your skin. Apply this mixture for ten minutes then rinse thoroughly with water and make it a point to do this twice a day. Alternately what you can do is also drink lemon juice and tomato juice daily in order to relieve the skin from dark spots.
2. Tea bags to soothe your eyes!
If you thought tea bags were only good for making tea, think again. You can now use cold tea bags to diminish those dark circles that make a bad blotch of your skin. What you need to do is place a tea bag, chamomile or green tea in a cup of water and then cool it inside a refrigerator. After the tea bags have sufficiently cooled, place them over your eyes and enjoy the soothing sensation. Practice this daily and you will see those dark spots vanish in no time!
3.  Cold milk to refresh your skin!
Cold milk can also play an effective role in ridding you from those dark spots beneath your eyes. make use of a cotton ball and dip it into a bowl of cold milk. After the cotton ball has soaked sufficiently into the milk, apply thoroughly on the whole eye especially the affected area. In no time will you witness your dark spots vanish into thin air!
4. Orange juice to solve your problems!
Do your eyes a favor and apply orange juice on them to get rid of those dark spots. Add a bit of glycerin to the juice and witness your skin glow spotless after a few weeks!



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