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5 amazing health benefits of performing Salah

The importance of Salah can never be understated in Islam. Imposed on every Muslim as an obligatory act five times a day, Salah is our key to Jannah (Paradise) in the Afterlife and serves as a great reformer in our daily lives. Not only does Salah guarantee a strong relationship and union with our Creator Allah, it also has a few medical benefits that you might not have known or heard before. Read on below to find out how much of a positive impact Salah has on your health every single time you perform it!

1. When performing the Ruku

The Ruku is a posture in which the Muslim bends forward and places both hands on each knee cap. The thighs and legs remain steadfast and straight onto the ground whereas the spine is kept straight. The added pressure on the stomach tones the chest and stomach muscles. Muscles of the lower back, thighs and calves stretch which encourages blood flow and circulation.

2. The obligatory Wudhu

The obligatory Wudhu before each and every Salah goes a long way in providing a clean and healthy activity for the devout Muslim. When you wash your hands five times a day, it ensures that you remain away from harmful germs and diseases at all costs. Hands are the most common cause for spreading as well as contracting diseases. It is only befitting that when Allah ordered us to be clean, he obligated it on His worshipers to wash their hands first. When water is poured onto the roots of the hair and rubbed behind the ear lobes, it provides a soothing, calm sensation that is good for blood circulation as well. Gargling with water and cleaning the nose with a handful of water also cleanses the body from additional germs and bacteria from areas that are otherwise ignored from a hygienic point of view.

3. Stranding straight makes for a strong spine!

Most of the time during the Salah, the Muslim remains standing straight with his feet apart and hands folded across the chest. When you stand straight in Salah, the whole body, feet and legs are in alignment with the posture. Bending often takes a toll on the spine and has damaging consequences for the spine. Standing upright in a straight manner builds your lower back muscles as well which helps in preventing back injuries and frequent pains.

4. Blood regulation

Salah as a whole is a physical exercise which involves different actions, including distinct body parts each performing a specific function. Each and every move during the prayer causes your blood flow to increase and reach the body faster. The physical activity included in Salah causes the heart to pump blood faster which reaches different body parts and supplies them with oxygen.

5. Healthy movement within your body

Throughout Salah your hands and arms keep moving to and fro, up and down. Touching your earlobes whilst saying the Takbir or placing your hands on knees whilst in Ruku, these movements facilitate rotation and coordination within the body. The bones become regulated through constant movement and stiff joints become relaxed.

Here are five health benefits to encourage you to perform Salah on a regular basis. Surely, the Almighty commands us to each and every act which is beneficial for us and befitting for Him.



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