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5 benefits of workouts in cold weather

1. It will help in burning more calories: It is said that you burn more calories in winter’s workout  as compared to indoor’s workout since the body works harder to regulate its core temperature during winters. The winter play the role of morale booster as it gets more out of our sweat session the calorie burn varies with each person’s body mass and the extremity of the temperature. So the more harder you try to keep your body warn the more calories you burn.

2. You’ll strengthen your heart: A regular exercise in winters can make heart muscles stronger as the winter is the toughest time for heart to supply blood throughout the body. An unhealthy heart struggles while performing its task in cold weather whereas a regular exerciser makes the body prepare for more strenuous workouts since his heart muscles get used to with tough situations.

3. It makes you thirsty: You don’t sweat in cold weather that indicates body have less water. Cold weather workouts make you sweat and keeps you hydrated. The exercises make you thirsty as the sweat dries due to chilly breeze and that makes you drink more water which helps in maintaining peak performance.

4. Increases your tolerance level: The weather in winters is so cold that you cant even open the windows and if you prepare yourself to do workout outside in that circumstances then nothing can break you. Working out in winters makes you stronger as it teaches you to tolerate freezing elements. It also helps in building your tolerance level.

5. You get extra Vitamin D: You don’t get the proper nutrients from sun in winters as the sun exposure decreases. By doing exercise outside you will get the sun exposure that is full of Vitamin D. The soothing sun light in winters makes you content and happier. The warm combination of chilly air and hot sun rays can boost anyone’s mood. So it doubles your Vitamin D dose and makes you happier what else one needs.



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