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5 Health benefits of Eggplant

The eggplant, commonly known as brinjal in South Asia is thought of as a vegetable but is actually a berry of the nightshade plant.

It is native to the Indian Subcontinent where it is available in purple and white colour.

Here are the most sought after health benefits of an eggplant listed down for you:

1) Heart Health

Studies have shown that eggplant may help lower overall cholesterol in the body and help to improve blood flow. The antioxidant compounds in eggplant help to prevent oxidative stress to the cardiovascular system and thus reduce the risk of heart attack and heart disease. Eggplant is also a good source of fiber, which is needed to maintain good cardiovascular health.


2) Brain Health

Eggplant contains nasunin, an antioxidant, which may help to promote healthy brain function. Nasunin protects brain fats through scavenging free radicals that target brain lipids (fats).


3) Fiber

One cup of eggplant contains about 8% the daily value of dietary fiber. Fiber can aid in digestion and weight loss. It helps to balance the metabolism. The fiber in eggplant helps to reduce cholesterol and relax blood vessels, which suggests it may play a productive role in maintaining good heart health.


4) Cancer Prevention

Many doctors and scientists believe that a compound in eggplant can effectively treat certain types of skin cancer. The phytochemical, known as BEC5, is believed to kill cancer cells without harming healthy cells. BEC5 cream is proven to have worked in thousands of cases, mainly in Australia and England with a success rate of nearly 100% when used for 12 weeks.


5) Weight Loss

Maintaining the proper daily value of fiber and vitamin B can be a great way to contribute to healthy weight loss. Fiber promotes a healthy, active metabolism and vitamin B can help the body to process fat. Eggplant is also rich with nutrients while offering very few calories (only 19 per cup), which makes it a great addition to an active, effective weight loss program.




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