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5 health benefits of weight-lifting

1. It makes you live longer

It is a proven thing that most form of daily exercises can add years to your life specifically strength training that has great benefits. A study says that you can face reduction in the risk of early death if you have greater muscle mass. So rather than focusing on body mass we should work on strengthening our muscles mass as it will make us life longer.  

2. It protects your bones.: Weight lifting exercises are not only good for muscles, these exercises are also beneficial for bones. Pumping up iron and strength training increase bone density. These exercises reduce the risk of fractures and other bones problems among the older adults.

3. And you don’t even have to go to the gym

Here we are talking about weight lifting exercise and for that you don’t really need to go to the gym as you can lift weight in your living room and drawing room too. You can do many weight lifting exercises including strength training by just buying few weight dumbbells. Exercises can be way better and beneficial at home than gym as you have a perfect atmosphere of your choice.

4. It can make you happier.

Weight lifting can do wonders to your mental health like many other physical activities. This exercise can reduce anxiety, depression and stress by providing you focus. Weight lifting can also boost your brainpower and can bring positive changes in your self-esteem.

5. It makes you fit in your skinny outfits
Although we don’t suggest you to only lift weight to lose some flab but we cannot also ignore the most important and worthy benefit of weight lifting and that’s it makes you burn a lot of calories. Building muscles and strength training can actually make you slim down and lose fat, it is also very beneficial for your overall health too.





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