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5 healthy reasons to play football!

1. Balance and co-ordination

A footballer always has to keep his eyes ahead of the ball, looking out for oncoming defenders or tacklers. All this, whilst running! Footballers also have to keep an eye out for a critical through ball or lobs to open up the defense. All this improves balance and co-ordination when you have to move across the field, retaining the ball. Muscle coordination, balance is improved by playing football on a regular basis!

2. Strengthening the bones

Jumping, running, sliding, kicking or heading the ball! A footballer whilst playing football, is involved in numerous activities that improve his bones and make them stronger! All these activities improve bone density and endurance, which is always beneficial! Healthier bones make for a stronger body and an enduring, imposing figure!

3. Elates your mood

Yes, football tends to have that effect on your health! Sprinting across the field with the ball whilst a couple of defenders chase you, can have a relaxing, calm effect. Simply put, doing what you enjoy always has a positive effect on you. Playing football enables your body to release natural antidepressants, endorphins, as well as serotonin, a substance that helps to lift mood.

4. Cardio and strength training

Football, like all other exercises, improves your blood circulation in the body. Football involves intense exercise which provides strength training for your legs mainly and other body parts such as the arms, neck, head and shoulders. Hence, it is a wonderful combination of cardio and strength training. If you want to get as fit as a fiddle, start shooting some goals!

5. Improve your speed and agility!

Your agility will be put to the test and hence, improve, during a game of football!



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