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5 home remedies to get rid of sore throat

1. Tea

What else could be the best and easiest option to hush away the sore throat except tea! A warm cup of herbal tea can easily soothe the sore throat and it can give you an instant relief. For an extra boost you can also add a spoon of honey that has anti-bacterial properties that may help you to heal rapidly.
2. Fluids

As we have told you earlier that staying hydrated plays an important role in keeping you healthy. You really need to drink more water when you are sick as your throat gets irritated or inflamed in sickness. Staying hydrated during cold combat bacteria and makes your body capable to fight other cold symptoms. Your body needs fluid so you can also have fruit juice or chicken broth if you don’t want to drink plain water.

3. Gargles with saltwater

The most common domestic desi remedy of sore throat is gargle and several studies have also suggested that gargling is very effective for scratchy throat. Gargling several times a day can actually reduce the swelling in the throat and loosen mucus, helping to flush out irritants or bacteria. It is an easy remedy which doctors also recommend, you just have to dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water if it’s too bitter for you than you can also add a small amount of honey in the mixture. Gargle with this mixture and remember do not swallow it.
4. Chicken soup

The best starter of winters is chicken soup, it is also a good home remedy to treat sore throat and cold. Eating can be painful with irritated throat so soups are the best and easy thing to swallow down the nutrient you need to fight infection. Experts also say that the broth may actually have anti-inflammatory properties that can ease the scratchy throat.

5. Rest:

Last, easiest and the quickest solution of this seasonal infection is rest. It is actually difficult to cure a cold once we have got it but getting rest is the best thing you can do to deal with this infection. Well rested body helps fight off the virus rapidly and makes you better sooner. We always ignore cold by keep doing our regular stuff, you really need to take out some time to rest to get better.



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