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5 Key strategies you must learn from TECNO’s marketing

The key role of marketing is to connect your business’ value to your target audience. Developing right marketing strategies is vital for growth of any business.

The focus of TECNOhas been quite sharp when it comes to communicating value of their offerings to the customers. With time, TECNO’s marketing strategies have evolved.

The smartphone manufacturer has tapped into offline markets and tried unconventional social media platforms and has slowly evolved as one of the top smartphone brands in Pakistan.

Here are five dead on marketing strategies that TECNO made use of to achieve milestones:

Story telling

As per marketers, storytelling is the future. In this day and age, there are so many distractions that millennials need a powerful storytelling technique to keep them engrossed till the message is understood and then further retained.

So, TECNO was quick to adopt storytelling strategy to send their brand’s message across via storytelling.TECNO’sfirst TikTok campaign #Sparkthespeed made incredible use of storytelling to show short and sweet stories of celebrities regarding the speed factor of Spark Go that brought them seamless smartphone experience.

The campaign gardened 5.7 billion viewsonly on Tiktok and is still increasing.

For this, TECNO also collaborated with famous celebrities including Noor Hassan, Hina Altaf, Mikaal Zulfiqar and Imran Ashraf and Ramsha Khan.

Make your customers feel important

The experience of customers on company’s social media sites matters a lot. TECNO is definitely one of the brands that takes this seriously and timely responds to comments of customers on their social media pages. Furthermore, the company regularly shares posts that involve customers. Customers interact with the company and TECNO makes them feel that their feedback is valued.

Collaborate with celebrities and Influencers

Celebrities are the opinion leaders and if they give their verdict about a certain offerings, fans are definitely going to give no second thoughts to it. So, a brand can take advantage of this and collaborate with celebrities to market their offerings. TECNO recently collaborated with UrwaHocaine to do a special segment on Jeeto Pakistan, Pakistan’s famous game show. For this, UrwaHocaine made a shout out video and asked TECNO fans to attend the show and win exciting prizes.

Try Unconventional social media channels

TECNO experimented with TikTok and rolled out #SparktheSpeed challenge that became quite successful. This gave the company a lot of confidence to once again go ahead with rolling out another campaign. TECNO recently rolled out #Spark4more campaign that became quite popular and brilliantly communicated company’s message across to its users.

Exclusive offers

Customers would be loyal to a company that comes up with exclusive offers for their users. TECNO recently offered exceptional discounts on company’s most popular phones on Daraz 11.11 sale. This resulted in a lot of TECNO smartphones being sold out within first two days of sale. This is an excellent way to gain customer loyalty by offering them exceptional discounts.



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