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5 morning mistakes that can ruin your health

1. You Wake Up in a Cave: Sunlight is the most important thing that your body needs in the morning and we hardly get time from our busy schedule to see it. Experts say missing the morning rays can actually do a mess to your body mass index. A study also suggests that people who don’t get the sun exposure in morning and get the natural light exposure after noon have high BMIs than those who see sunshine in morning. So you need to have some 20-30 minutes of natural light in the morning that will help you regulate your energy levels, appetite and metabolism.

2. You Don’t gulp Down Any Water: Starting your day without drinking water in the morning is the worst thing you could do to yourself. According to a researcher if you will not start your day by drinking water you will be playing hydration catch-up for the rest of the day. The shortage of water H2O in our body leads to confusion, irritation and it also affects our mood. To feel sharper, brighter, stronger and happier you need to take as much fluid in the morning as you can.

3. You Work Out on an Empty Stomach: Doing workout, running or other exercise with eating anything is the reason behind the lousy and surly feeling that you feel throughout the day. A study suggest that men are sharper in their daily task and stay in good mood overall if they have breakfast before their sweating sessions. So for your better health you need to eat something before hitting the gym as workout with empty stomach can do disaster to your overall health.

4. You skimp on Protein: We wait four hours for dinner to get our protein fix which is not a good thing for building muscles. A research finds that people who take same serving of protein that is 30 grams in all three meals have a 25 percent higher muscle protein synthesis rate than those who eat the same amount of protein but have a bulk of it in dinner. The body only needs an appropriate amount of protein to repair muscle at a time so if you set your protein intake evenly in three meals a day you can maximize your ability to use it.

5. You Got Road Rage: Road rage is the most common problem of every working person. The hooting heavy traffic on the roads at working hours does not only make life miserable but it also affects your health.  Your daily trip does have an impact on your work and personal life so try to make your road trip happier, easier and stress free.




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