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5 Pakistanis who had small starts but now are called the stalwarts of their field

1. Abdul Sattar Edhi

A person who started his career as a peddler by selling cloth in the wholesale market in Karachi. Now runs the world’s largest ambulance service. The greatest philanthropist of Pakistan got inspiration to start a welfare from his ailing mother who died due to paralysis and mental illness.

2. Mehdi Hassan

He worked as a mechanic in Chechawatni and Bahawalpur to support his living but he did not give up on his dream to become a classical playback singer of Pakistan. The man who started his career in miseries is now world known as the King of Ghazals without whom Pakistani music is incomplete.

3. Muhammad Yousuf

The backbone of Pakistani cricket team and one of the best test players of the world Mohammad Yousuf started his career by driving Rakshaw, he even worked in a tailor’s shop before entering the cricket world.

4. Malala Yousafzai

A young girl from Sawat who had a dream to get education in war circumstances went on to become the world’s youngest Nobel Prize recipient for her remarkable contribution for peace and education.

5. Malik Riaz

One of the wealthiest people of Pakistan who started off as a clerk and did not let his circumstances dictate his destiny. Today, Malik Riaz is not only one of the most famous business magnate of Pakistan but he is also a well known philanthropist.



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