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5 signs You should stop using Social Media

  1. You take crafty pictures for Social Media

There are people who spend a lot time on garnishing a dish or making the salad look perfect so that they can post the picture on instagram. If you are one of those persons who do things to appear crafty on social media then it is the right time to sign off from social media for some time.

  1. You don’t even paint your nails without tweeting

Everyone have friends who update each and every detail of their life on social media. They consider it mandatory to answer when facebook say what is on your mind! This is an omen that your mind is always occupied by statuses and post of social media and when you are so busy there when will you discover yourself.

  1. You know way too much about your connections

You should avoid social media when you get obsessed about knowing the statuses of your social media friends that’s a warning for you. It happens with the active users that they even know about the wife and peers of those facebook friends who were added randomly by them.  This is an irony of social media that people become more enthusiastic about knowing other’s life rather than improving their own living.

  1. You start comparing with your friends

Excessive information about someone else life leads to envy inducing news. When you see your friend’s promotion, extravagant trips, engagement or expensive shopping you can get jealous or envy her even without realizing it. This can lead to feeling of inadequacy of goods also since you see other enjoying life too much and you have nothing like that. So whenever you have a bad feel about any of your friend’s success or promotion you should take a break.

  1. You feel anxious when you don’t have access to your phone

Anxiety is a most common thing that develops in an excessive social media user when he does not get access to his phone. An excessive user is the one who keeps checking his phone while talking to family and friends on meal table and refreshes his news feed in every second to keep updated about his social life.  These people miss most of their real-life events in order to know less important things. If you are one of them you should better try the next step.

How can you take a step back?

Specify your time for social media like we schedule our exercise time, prayer time, studies, sleeping time, going to work just like that specify the time for your social media activity. When you get used to with it try abstaining yourself from social media for a week or just delete Instagram and Facebook from your phone, this is surely difficult but it will have a better impact.




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