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5 Reasons to Quit Social Media

A social media account keeps you connected, it keeps you aware and can make you famous among friends, family, colleagues.

To add to it, it will help you get a better job and you can join groups that interest you and meet people you can get along with.

But what if I tell you that quitting social media and deleting your account from such sites can prove to be the best decision you ever took.

What if I tell you that it is as exciting as hiking or hitch hiking.

Now here are five reasons to quit social media.

1. A Widening Attention Span

A recent Microsoft study showed that human attention span is now lower than a goldfish, shortening from 12 to eight seconds in over a decade.

Reportedly, a lot of that reduction stems from a combination of smartphones and an avalanche of content.

Many younger people find themselves compulsively checking their phones, and the glut of things to do on the web (such as social networking) makes it all too easy to find diversions.

Quitting social media will let you put your phone aside and talk to people, eat well, read books leading you to a wider attention span.

2. Better Awareness

Now, the biggest myth related to social media is that it informs you and creates awareness.

It may be partially correct but if you give it a second thought, did it not make you tense about things you never even cared about.
Are you just following the trends others set for you?
Did you just remark about something you never seemed to have any interest in?

Your awareness level will not decrease by quitting social media, you will duly get aware and informed about things you want through books, newspapers and other media at your own time and will.

3. Increase in Self Confidence

Are you posing yourself as happier than you are or at times enjoying more that you are actually?

Are you posting selfies and indulging in useless activity just because others want you to do so?

Feeling peer pressure?

If yes, then it is time to leave social media and believe me the exercise will increase your self confidence making you a human you were before developing that social media personality.

You will not need someone’s LIKE, COMMENT or SHARE for things you did because you loved them.

4. Real Friends, Real Gesture, Real People

Now when you do not have to act anymore and provide everyone you come across your social media addresses, you will get to know who your real friends are?

Your gestures, your looks, everything will seem real.

Talking to someone is better than chatting with that person.

Meeting ‘real’ people will reveal their true personalities as most of your online friends actually copy/paste their status updates and ideas.

5. A More Grateful and Caring Personality

What will eventually come out of the exercise, even if it is a month old that you would be more grateful as the time will tell you what the loved ones around you (who are not on social media to get likes from you about everything they did for you) are doing for you.

The biggest example is your mother.

You will be more caring as you will have time to look around and return these favours from your loved ones.

The change may earn you a nod from dear mom and dear papa and take it from me, you will love it.
So, time to delete your social media accounts and go hiking within the same personality, house and city.

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