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5 signs of iron deficiency

1. Hair Loss

One of the reason of your hair loss is iron deficiency. Hair fall is the result of full-blown iron deficiency anemia. According to experts iron deficiency gets body on the survival mode that is the reason that body starts focusing on vital functions rather then keeping hairs intact.

2. You’re exhausted

You feel exhausted that is the most common symptom of iron deficiency and it’s probably the most difficult symptom to detect as women get tired and exhausted due to work load. Iron deficiency causes less oxygen and deprives the body from the energy it needs. If the normal fatigue you feel is doubled with feelings like irritation, weakness  and no determination then that it’s a sign of iron deficiency.

3. You’re pale

The reason behind your paleness is low level of hemoglobin in your blood. Hemoglobin is responsible for making your skin rosy pink. Iron deficiency reduces the level of hemoglobin in the blood that makes you pale. If you have dark reflection and cant detect it on your face then you can easily check the color of your lips, gums  and the inside of your bottom eyelids if they are less red then its definitely iron to blame.

4. You feel your heart is pounding and you get short of breath easily

Irregular heartbeats and other heart related problems are the result of iron deficiency anemia  if you are already a heart patient you should get your iron level checked because iron deficiency can worsen the heart diseases. This is not it, at times you feel breathe less and get short of breathe even by climbing few stairs that is also the result of iron insufficiency.

5. Your head hurts badly


Iron deficiency decreases the normal supply of oxygen to your brain and that makes brain arteries swell which causes headaches. The frequent headache is a signal that you should increase your iron consumption.




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