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5 surprising reasons of memory loss

1. Hot flashes: Hot flash is a reason that effects the memory of a woman. Hot flashes are a quick feeling of heat and sometimes a red, flushed face and sweating.  This happens due to changes in circulation but this worsens the women’s ability to remember names and different stories. Hot flash does not last long and it does not damage the brain it just effects the memory for s certain time when it occurs.

2. Lack of sleep: Sleep is very important for good memory those who face  sleep deprivation and sleep disorders not only suffer from impaired memory but also daytime fatigue, impaired attention, and reduced reaction time. Sleep plays a key role if you don’t get the standard recommended eight hours of sleep in night than you will face different memory problems as our brain takes siesta only when we sleep.

3. Mood disorders : Anxiety and depression also hinder the memory heavily. Experts say the severity of moods have severe effects on memory loss. If you suffer from prolonged stress you wont be able to remember things properly as too much stress increases the cortisol levels in the brain that hinders the connection between brain cells and makes it difficult to regain memories. Repeated and chronic stress can also be really harmful for your memory and the drugs you take to remove anxiety also damage the brain. Good news is it is also not a lasting disorder as soon as your mood improves the memory loss also gets better.

4. Smoking: They say smoking is injurious for health, it does not only damage the lungs and throat but it also damages the brain by harming its blood supply. According to a research more than 7000 male and female cigarette smokers gradually suffer from different brain functioning problems that include memory loss.

5. High-fat food: As we all know that chronically dense diet promote different diseases that includes hypertension that can do a lot harm to our brains. Experts say that high fat diet that has hard impact on heart also leave severe effects on memory issues. Usage of too much cheesy burgers and fried items causes poor learning and bad impact memory skills that should be handled with care.


  • Experts recommend green tea for better memory. The chemicals found in green tea are not only good for healthy diet but it also helps in improving your memory.
  • Physical exercises that make you sweat also help in keeping sharp memory. The exercises that help improve the mood, sleep and body shape also have great impacts on cognition and memory.




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