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5 times ‘The Simpsons’ predicted the future

Here is the list of five events in The Simpsons that predicted the future from Laura Vitto’s article on Mashable.

5. NSA Snooping
In this scene from the 2007 Simpsons Movie, Marge, Lisa and Bart are fugitives trying to lay low as they attempt to rescue Springfield from destruction. But as they chat on the train about their fugitive status, Lisa warns her family to be careful what they say. Marge assures Lisa that no one from the government is listening, unaware that the snooping NSA is listening in and already plans to arrest them on the spot.


4. Smart watches
In “Lisa’s Wedding,” the futuristic episode from 1995, Lisa’s fiance makes a phone call using his watch. Nineteen years later, wearable tech has taken off with the release of smartwatches like the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Pebble.


In the 1992 episode, “Separate Vocations,” Bart accidentally sneaks in a mirror selfie with incriminating photos of Homer devouring Marge’s chocolate cake.


Video Chatting
In the futuristic 1995 episode, “Lisa’s Wedding,” Lisa and Marge chat on rotary phones fitted with TV screens reminiscent today’s videochatting capabilities.


Google slowly taking over the world

In this futuristic episode “Holidays of Future Passed”, Lisa admits that though Google has enslaved half the world, it’s “still a damn fine search engine.” While Google hasn’t achieved world domination just yet, it’s certainly trying its hardest to infiltrate nearly every aspect of our lives.


Courtesy:  Laura Vitto for Mashable



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