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5 tips to avoid weight-gain in holidays

Everybody wants to enjoy the holidays to the fullest by visiting peers and traditional restaurants . The food we get there is fattening, cheesy pasta, roasted chicken, fried items and heavy desi cuisines can do such damage to your waistline that you don’t even know. However you can try the following expert-approved tips to avoid weight gain.

1. Eat before the big meal: One thing that happens with all of us when we go to eat a feast, is we leave our tummy rumbling. This should not be done as rumbling tummy is a recipe for over-eating. You should have a small meal at-least an hour before the event to tame the hunger.

2. Wear skinny dresses: Try dress to impress on big event so that you don’t over-eat anything. This is a fact if you are wearing skin-tight dresses you will start feeling uncomfortable if you over-eat. So wearing fitted dresses will help you to stay in shape.

3. Try eating in colorful plates: Research says that a person tend to eat more on festival in white plates since light colored food is eaten  more on white plates.  They say the contrast on the plate also controls your appetite.

4. Draw a finish line: You can draw a finish line to end your  meal that will prevent you from further eating. You can try some tricks like eating a mint, popping a breath strip or applying lip gloss after eating that will help you avoid further eating once you are done.

5. Clean the mess: You should spent some time on clearing the table and washing dishes after eating as standing will whittle off some 100 calories you had eaten and you will also have all the praises.



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