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5 ways to break the ice and talk to strangers!

Do you also wish to strike up a conversation with strangers so that you don’t seem bored and out of place? Well, read on and find out how easily the answers to all questions posed above can be obtained!
Socializing does not come naturally to most people, hence they would rather be by themselves awkwardly than to mingle a bit and get to know others. Implement the following five easy to use steps and find yourself befriending strangers in no time!

1. Begin with a general topic
When you and the other person across from you are not aware of each other person’s details such as religion, ethnicity, habits, tastes, likes or dislikes etc it is better to start off with a topic that is general or trending. Offering your condolence at a recent national tragedy or discussing some popular sports person’s feat are good examples for you to implement. Soon as you both get to talking about this general aspect of things, the more you will be able to get out of the other person which will eventually help you in getting to know him/her in a short while.

2. Judge the other person’s personality
The way people walk, talk or even act sometimes can tell you a lot about their personality. So, observe and judge the other person carefully before you begin a conversation with them. Do they seem the type with whom you want to commence the talk? A shy person might pause time and again and want you to take lead as far as the talking is concerned. Conversely, the other person might have lots to say and the best you can do in such a situation is lent an ear to what they have to say!

3. Avoid fidgeting and displaying any signs of nervousness
Do not be confused or nervous when you approach the other person, especially when it is the opposite sex you are trying to talk with. If you seem uncomfortable, it is bound to make the other person uncomfortable with you. No one likes to talk to a complete stranger that makes them uncomfortable so avoid fretting and fidgeting! Just keep in mind that talking is the most natural aspect of human beings and the other is just another friendly, normal individual just like you who wants to hear you out. Nothing can make you feel relaxed like that!

4. Learn to compliment and that too, sincerely!
Make it a point to offer sincere compliments to people when you speak with them. Compliments are always well received from the other side if they are sincere and not fake. Complimenting the other person’s sense of dressing or any aspect of their personality will always help you win friends over in a jiffy!

5. Leave room for humor in your jokes
Often when you speak to others, a conversation about the weather or politics can seem to be dry at times. When this happens, it can lead to a dead end, and dead ends are never good! Incorporate a little humor in your conversation to get the other person to laugh and smile a bit. Sharing a joke or laugh will relax the other person and also open up his personality to you. But keep a lid on insulting jokes; people can be easily offended if you make fun of them or another person in their presence!

So here are the five steps you need to adopt as your guidelines when you feel the urge to strike up a conversation with a stranger. Stay relaxed, focused and positive as you focus on these five steps in order to win the confidence of strangers!



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