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5 ways to feel content now

  1. Get fit while you brush

Every morning when you brush your teeth try this simple exercise. Stand on one leg for a minute while you are brushing and then on other repeating the same thing while trying to keep steady. This will help you improve your balance that will prevent you from injuries.

  1. Stop worrying about water

Start drinking as much water  as you can. Water is one of the bDrink it after every meal, when you are exercising or sick. Water is the best thing for healthy body.

  1. Talk to Yourself

Ask yourself about what you are doing and what you want. There comes a time in a day when you feel like taking a small break from hectic work try quick walk. Try meditation when you feel scattered. These few minutes make an immense difference.

  1. Try Workout

Your daily work load consumes all your energy and you come home only to sleep. To avoid such things and to bring time out for family try some workout or running when you come home. This helps you transition from work mode to family mode.

  1. Don’t wear sun glasses in the morning

Sun light is the alarm that makes you realize that daytime has started, it sets your sleep-wake cycle and if you will wear sun glasses in the morning then you will not get bright light and your day will go all tired. Sunlight does wonders for people who feel tired in the morning so you should make more exposure with it in the morning.

These few things can make feel content even with the hectic schedule.




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