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5 ways to make your hair color last longer

1. Don’t take hot showers: Dauntlessly hot showers are the most relaxing showers but these showers do well only to our body where our hairs suffer drastically from them. On one hand where hot shower damages the skin by making it dry, it’s also the root cause of loosing hair color. The hot water shower opens the cuticle the outermost part of the hair shaft due to which damage is caused. You should always wash your hairs with cold water as it helps you to seal the cuticle shut.

 2. Swim with protection on: If you want your hair color or natural hair color to last longer you need to protect your hairs from sun exposure and chlorine.  The best way to protect hairs is to make sure you wear hair protection when you go to swim. Swimming pools have a large amount of chlorine in water that can have disastrous effect on your hair color and it can also make your hairs dry and rough so wear a hair band before diving.

 3. Avoid hot styling tools:  Styling your hair with different hair tools is the new trend now. We have everything today for curling, waving straightening our hairs. Although these hair tools give a new look to our hairs but they do collateral damage also as the hair color starts fading off. These blow dry, curlers, straightness can actually fade your color so avoid the use of these hot tools for at-least a week after applying color on your hair.

4. Keep conditioning: You need to do conditioning of your hairs after applying hair color. Try natural based conditioners rather than chemical-laden product as it will only worst the condition. Try deep oil treatment as  it would enhance the hair color by giving them shine.

5. Don’t wash the color instantly: The best way to keep the hair color last longer is washing your  hair less in between touch-ups. When the hair color gets dried the natural oil of hairs keeps them moisturized and it actually enhances the heath of hair in comparison with washing it all day.




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