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5 ways to banish dryness in winters

  • The first thing that causes dryness is harsh soaps. Look for super-fatted soaps or fatty substance like lanolin, cocoa butter or coconut oil. These things soften the skin even in winter specially the dry skin types.
  • Sometimes ordinary moisturizes don’t work on every skin type and to avoid reddening the skin one should use a better and good quality moisturizers. These moisturizers set a seal over your skin that protects the natural water from escaping.
  • One of the reasons of dryness is when water level drops in the body usage of the seasonal fruits and vegetables can overcome this problem.  According to health experts Grape fruit, Carrot and oranges can give moisture to skin.
  • The cold harsh breeze of winter makes one use hot water. Hot water also washes away the natural oils that protect skin, one should limit the prolonged exposure to water to avoid such dryness.
  • Like air-condition, heating system also causes humidity level to drop.  Heating system removes  water from the living space and has a drying effect on skin. It would be better to avoid using central heating system for a better skin.



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