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5 ways we'd react if Pakistan reaches the semis!

Since the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 commenced, Pakistani bowlers have been repeatedly hit out of the park and the opposition’s batting scorecard crossed the 300 mark both times. Whilst the pitches have been relentlessly bouncy and fast paced, Pakistani batsmen crumbled like a house of cards. Protests raged across the country with disgruntled fans chanting slogans and taking out mock funeral processions. But what if Misbah’s boys fight back like Imran’s cornered tigers and claw their way back into the final stages of the game, such as the semi-finals? Here’s how our nation would react to that spectacular news!

1. Sweets, sweets and some more sweets!

Yes, its a sub-continental thing to greet each surprising celebration by having sweets or as we call it in Urdu, mithai. Fans would most likely throng to the streets, dancing with joy and feeding each other gulab jamans with outstretched hands!

2. Misbah’s journey from ‘Tuk Tuk’ to ‘All hail the hero!’

Captain Misbah is often criticized and blasted for his defensive batting style and composed mentality. Every other defeat is blamed on the Pakistani captain regardless of the fact that often his contribution with the bat alleviates the team scorecard. if Pakistan reaches into the final four, Misbah’s all past and future sins would be forgiven by the nation!

3. Back to the India bashing again!

Memes, humorous statuses or the Sania Mirza taunts. Pakistani fans love to put down Indians every time we advance in a game of cricket or even better, beat them at it!

4. Duas and some more duas!

Every time Pakistan reaches a decisive encounter in a mega event, the energy and thrill grips the entire cricket-crazy nation by storm. So who do we turn to? The Almighty of course! The entire nation raises it’s hands towards the heavens in anticipation of Divine help for their team to lift the gold!

5. Public screenings, back to square one again!

After the dismal Windies defeat handed out to the national team, the public hammered television sets to pieces. Yet, if we were to advance into the semis, its back to public screenings and television love all over again! isn’t it strange what a simple thing as a game of cricket can do to us?





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