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5 world leaders and their genetical extension of power

Jawaharlal Nehru the first Prime Minister of India held the office for 17 years (1947-1964). Nehru is termed as the paramount leader of Indian Independence movement, his immense popularity is the reason that the man kept the highest office of Indian government until his death. Later, his only daughter Indira Gandhi got the leadership of Indian National Congress in 1966. She become the third Prime Minister the same year and held the offices till 1977. Indira Gandhi kept the Premiership twice (1966-77) and (1980-84), she was assassinated in 1984. After Indira’s assassination her son Rajiv Gandhi assumed the premiership from 1984-89.

George H.W. Bush was the 41st president of United States of America. The man was a republican and ruled the then only super power of the world from (1989-1993). His legacy was transmitted to his son George W. Bush who served as the 43rd President of USA. Junior Bush got the office in 2001 and was replaced by the current President Barack Obama in 2009.

Sheikh Mujib ur Rehman was the founding father, first president and second Prime Minister of independent Bangladesh.  Mujib was also the leader of Awami League, the party behind liberation of Bangladesh. Mujib along with his family was assassinated by his junior Army officers in 1975. Only two daughters of the founding father escaped that coup since they were in Germany.  Haseena being the eldest one got his father’s legacy and became the elected leader of Awami League in 1981. The lady currently is the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

Hafez-al-Assad is a Syrian statesman who was the President of Syria from 1971 to 2000. Hafez rule Syria for 30 years and even before his demise made his son Bashar-al-Assad his-heir-apparent.  Bashar assumed the office in 2000 and he is currently leading Syria in the Syrian civil war.

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto the founder of Pakistan Peoples Party was the fourth President and ninth Prime Minister of Pakistan. This great leader ruled Pakistan for seven years. His power was overthrown by a military coup in 1977. Benazir the scion of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto came into politics after her father’s death and become the Prime Minister of Pakistan. She held the office twice and got assassinated in 2007.



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