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50 years later Pak Navy's Operation Dwarka still haunts India

On 6th September 1965, India attacked Pakistan without a declaration of war. However, our valiant forces gave a befitting reply to the neighboring arch-rival on land, air and sea.

Pakistan Navy, along with Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force played a remarkable role in defending the motherland. The 8th of September is celebrated to mark their achievement in the 1965 war.

The Navy then only had a few ships and a submarine – Ghazi – in the war while India had an aircraft carrier named INS Vikrant to their strength. Still, our navy fleet pulled off such a feat which stunned the entire world.

Ghazi was deployed near India’s Naval Headquarters in Bombay (today known as Mumbai) to monitor their fleet. The submarine alone managed to block the way of enemy vessels. An Indian ship tried to evade the Ghazi but caught fire after being hit by a torpedo, scaling down the morale of Indian navy altogether.

Operation Dwarka:

The main achievement of Pakistan Navy in the 1965 war was “Operation Dwarka” which was carried out on the night between 7th and 8th September under the leadership of Commodore S.M. Anwar.

India’s naval radar station and an airbase was located at Dwarka, in district Gujarat. Therefrom the enemy was directing aerial attacks on Karachi.

PNS Babar, PNS Badar, PNS Khyber, PNS Jahangir, PNS Alamgir, PNS Shahjahan and PNS Tipu Sultan took the enemy by surprise by launching a surprise attack on the city and swept the adversary off its feet.

Not a single Pakistani ship sustained any kind of damage throughout the operation, which for sure was our Navy’s most remarkable achievement.



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