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The 55-year old Pakistani who cannot call himself a Pakistani

Here is the story of a 55 year old Pakistani who cannot call himself a Pakistani, at least officially as NADRA is not issuing him a National Identity Card (NIC).

Asghar Ali, 55 year old Pakistani is making every effort to get a NIC  since last 25 years but is failing continuously.


Asghar was only a year old when his father divorced his mother. His mother married another man which infuriated his father.

The man took his revenge by cutting his name from his birth certificate and wrote his step father’s name. This single alteration in his birth certificate became the biggest hurdle in Asghar’s efforts to get his NIC and prove he is a Pakistani.

Not having NIC means you cannot get a job, you cannot open a bank account and are literally without any proof of your citizenship.

His ordeal didn’t end here as children too couldn’t get their Child Registration Certificates (B-form) and were thrown out of school on the same pretext.

His lawyer say he has all the documents required to get a NIC but NADRA staff is still not entertaining him.

“As per law, NADRA should issue him a NIC he has all the relevant documents. They are barring him from his right by giving one excuse after another. He has not been given proper identity thus he cannot prove himself a Pakistani citizen,” his lawyer told ARY News.

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