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6 health advantages of better sleep

1. Lowers the risk of diabetes: People who don’t get proper sleep can easily develop type 2 of diabetes. According to a research people who sleep less than seven to eight hours at night are likely to develop diabetes. As those who sleep less, lose their ability to control blood sugar. So, better sleep makes you healthy.

2. Makes skin healthy: Poor sleep is also linked with chronic skin conditions. According to few studies where the poor sleep causes anxiety, depression and fatigue, it also causes many skin problems.  Those who take a better sleep recover after ultra violet light exposure and they don’t get much affected of aging.

3. Teenagers who sleep well don’t go for any kind of drug addiction: It is a fact that those who use different drugs even sleeping pills and alcohol are the victim of sleeping problems.  Adolescents who sleep well do not engage in risky behaviors as they are not sleep deprived.

4. It helps prevent migraines and headaches: Sleeping schedule play an important role in brain’s health. If you feel cringing of sudden headache then you are probably sleepless. Experts say those who don’t get standard time of sleep suffer from migraines.  According to a study sleep quality is associated with episodic migraine. Whenever we feel headache we try to sleep to get rid of it.

5. It helps you stay fit and focused: Multiple studies show people who do not sleep well are more likely to face obesity. As not getting much sleep stimulates your appetite and also is the cause of hormonal change. People who sleep seven to eight hours at night get enough sleep to stay fit throughout the day. The more relax you wake up the more easy it gets for you to focus on your routine tasks. So, good sleep is really helpful.

6. It makes heart healthy: It is also found that people who sleep less than five hours in night face more risks of cardiac attacks. The risk is due to the increase of blood pressure in the people who keep awake for late hours. Getting an eight hour sleep at night makes the heart healthy.




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