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6 health benefits of your favorite treat 'Chocolate'

1. It improves vision and makes you smarter: A study suggests that chocolate can increase the blood flow to the retina when the blood flow is good retina gets its proper nourishment that improves the vision. Same goes with the brain, the cocoa flavor in chocolate boosts the blood flow in brain. Cocoa has anti-clotting and blood thinning properties that improves the blood flow. It makes people feel more awake and alert and it makes you smarter also. A study in England finds that chocolate makes a person perform better on counting task.

2. Chocolate decreases Stroke Risk: The sweetness of chocolate decreases the risk of strokes according to a Swedish study. The research found that women who eat more than 45 grams chocolate in a week have lower chances of stroke than those women who consume less than 9 grams of chocolate a week.

3. Chocolate boosts Heart Health: Chocolate eaters don’t only get their craving fulfilled by chocolate but they also welcome many benefits for their hearts. Chocolate is very good for heart health it lowers the blood pressure, it lowers ‘bad’LDL cholesterol and it also lowers the risk of various heart disease. Particularly dark chocolate is very beneficial for heart health due to its inflammation-fighting properties that reduce cardiovascular risk.

4. Chocolate helps in quieting Coughs: Cough is one that thing that needs quick remedy to stop. Chocolate has special ingredient theobromine that reduces the activity of vagus nerve the part of the brain that triggers hard-to-shake coughs.  Theobromine is so beneficial that scientists even gave a thought of making anti-cough syrup by theobromine to avoid the side effects of other cough-syrups.

5. Chocolate boosts the mood and fills You Up: There is no doubt that chocolate is one that ingredient that trigger your happy mood. It is also proved that chocolate eaters also feel less stressed and it also helps in reducing sadness. Chocolate gives you a full feeling because it’s rich in fiber. Especially dark chocolate helps keep you full and it also makes you eat less. According to a study dark chocolate can also reduce cravings for sweets and other foods.

6. Chocolate orotects Your Skin: What else you need when your favorite food can protect your skin. Dark chocolate is actually good for skin as it has a type of antioxidants that protects the skin from UV damage from the sun. So isn’t it a great thing?




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