6 home remedies for upset stomach

Sometimes, some food or overeating anything do not go well with the digestion and that cause stomach cramp, gas, bloating and even heartburn. There are six foods that can settle these symptoms of upset stomach and you can try them any time.

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  1. Mint

Mint tea and herb tea are best for soothing the stomach cramps. It will relive gas and decrease the pain. Mint tea is also available in market but never opt for sugar-free tea as its artificial sugar may cause bloating and burping.  It also helps to eliminate the heartburn.

  1. Yogurt

Plain yogurt is an essential remedy for diarrhea, diarrhea is caused by a course of antibiotic and plain unsweetened yogurt have probiotics which can reduce the stomach pain.

  1. Rice

Eating white rice helps in digestion as it has starch in it. Rice also increases the absorption of fluid. This food of daily use is too helpful in bringing upset stomach to normal.

  1. Ginger

If you feel nausea and vomiting you should try some crushed ginger with honey as it is full of anti-nausea properties. You can also try ginger tea.

  1. Banana

The best remedy to treat tummy cramps is banana. The easy to peel and eat sweet fruit is best for upset stomach. Banana is full of potassium that is good for the body which is unable to eat due to stretched illness.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is  fermented juice made from apple and it contains vitamin B and vitamin C. Usually upset stomach is caused by lack of acid in the stomach this vinegar can help in providing some more acid to your tummy. Add some tablespoons of vinegar in hot water with a spoon of honey if you want and you will feel better. It also helps in controlling diabetes and blood pressure.

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6 home remedies for upset stomach

by Hira