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6 milk-free sources of Calcium

1. Salmon Fish

This kind of fish is filled with health benefits as it provides whopping amount of belly flattening protein on one hand and only three ounce of this fish can give you half of your daily calcium needs on the other. So isn’t this great!

2. Oranges

Oranges are known as low calorie fruits. This citrus fruit is filled with immune-boosting vitamin C, antioxidants and calcium. Only three oranges a day can serve you with the required calcium needed for the day.

3. Okra

Okra that contains constipation fighting insoluble fiber, folate and vitamin B6 is also a rich source of calcium. Four cups of these healthy and delicious vegetables can fill your daily calcium requirement.

4. Dried Figs:

Fig is a fiber and potassium packed fruit. When you are gulping down figs you are not only consuming a sweet dessert but you are giving your body the ingredient that strengthens your bones, maintains your muscle functions and keeps your heartbeat steady. On top of these benefits figs are also a good source of calcium as one cup of figs contains the same amount of calcium that a glass of milk has.

5. Almonds

One of the healthiest nuts, almonds, are a good source of calcium. Only an ounce of these nuts contain 75 milligrams of calcium. Almonds are also rich in potassium, protein and vitamin E. So you can eat these nuts to maintain your calcium intake if you are allergic to milk.

6. Green Turnips Leafs

One and a half cup of fresh turnip leaves contain 300mg calcium that is equal to your dairy requirement.  These turnips leafs are filled with vitamins, minerals and other health benefiting anti-oxidants. So not only turnips are useful but their leaves are beneficial too.



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