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6 tips to boost brain health

1. Stop Worrying

 Worrying is the only thing we do when things do not go according to our plans. and it is the worst thing you do to your brain as it increases your mental dysfunction risk. A research has found that anxiety-prone women who get upset by stress are more likely to develop brain dysfunction.

2. Get Moving:

Jogging, walking and any kind of physical activity play a vital role in brain development. These physical movements actually increase the brain size and connections.  According to a study just a five minutes run and 30 minutes walk daily can be very beneficial for you in many ways.

3. Use Turmeric in daily cooking.

The potent spice that we commonly use daily in our cooking is usually lauded for its skin benefits. Now a recent study in Germany has discovered that this spice is a powerful ingredient for treating brain disorders.  According to the findings of the study a compound in turmeric can boost your stem cells to proliferate to great brain cells. Isn’t that great? Eat more and more lentils cooked in turmeric to boost your brain health.

 4. Pump Some Iron

Yes you heard it right, lifting weight can actually improve your memory. According to a study the people who use different workouts while studying or remembering things memorize more accurately in comparison with those who had not been exercising. That means tough exercise actually strengthens your memory power so make it a habit.

 5. Explore the Nature

You need to explore nature if you want to get rid of anxiety and stress. A recent study has shown that nature walks can actually improve brain health by lowering depression and stress. You don’t need to see the facts regarding the benefits of nature. Go for a walk in a serene natural park and get some fresh air when you feel depressed you will feel the changes as the nature will boost your mood.

6. Eat More Fruits and Vegetables

As everyone knows fruits and vegetables are the best food for overall health. But a recent study has discovered that mental health is directly related to food and veggie intake. It says eating more fruit and vegetables in a day can actually do wonders to your mental health and functioning.




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