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6 Weird, wacky and fun TV moments of Ramazan 2016

They actually kept us obsessed and astounded, sometimes for sane and most of the times for insane reasons. No!

Also, leading brands this year learnt new skills to capture customers’ attention via amazing TVCs with the right touch of emotion.

Here’s a quick roundup of the 6 super weird, wacky and fun TV moments of this year’s Ramazan transmission:

1- This woman couldn’t recognise the suit-clad long-lost guy on the giant screen…what a shame (winks).



2- When Mufti Abdul Qavi could not handle the model-turned social media butterfly and fell badly.

Mufti Qavi and the model created quite a buzz on social media after their controversial selfies and videos emerged on social media.




3- Don’t we simply love the way food was beautifully portrayed in the Nurpur milk TVC. Such WOW shots.




4- You can only watch a mango enthusiast transformed into a martyr during Ramazan.

People had criticised him for face-stuffing mangoes act during a past Ramazan transmission and this year too, he had some treat for the lovers and haters.    



5- The Q-Mobile TVC that got everyone emotional at one end and triggered a senseless debate at the other.



6- Did you see this woman? This dupatta-covered woman got real brave guts.



We wonder how bizarre and unpredictable would be the next year’s Ramazan package.



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