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61 Indian fishermen arrested for water limits violation

Indian fishermen were arrested along with their 11 boats while fishing in Pakistani waters, official sources said.

The arrested fishermen were transferred to Docks police station of Karachi in the wee hours of Friday.

The police has registered case against the fishermen for illegally entering in Pakistani territory.

The arrested fishermen have said that while fishing in the deep sea they were unintentionally entered in Pakistani waters. They requested the government for their release on the humanitarian grounds.

They also urged the Indian government to release Pakistani fishermen arrested in India under the same offence.

In absence of the demarcation of sea limits between Pakistan and India the fishermen of the two countries while fishing in the sea unintentionally cross the boundary and enter in the water limits of the other country.

Hundreds of Pakistani and Indian fishermen have been imprisoned in jails of the two countries due to the violation of water borders.

The governments of the two sides have exchanged the arrested fishermen many times. Still according to the fishermen organizations hundreds of Pakistani fishermen have been incarcerated in Indian jails and vice versa.



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