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7 life changing bedtime habits

  • Read a self-improvement book: Experts say reading at night is healthy, make it your bedtime habit and it will be best if you pick a life changing self-improvement book. Self-improvement book will help you learn some positivity before you go to bed and it will help you sleep also.
  • Write your blessings: One thing that makes you positive is gratitude, it makes you appreciate the things you value. To have a positive approach in life you need to write few things you are grateful for every night. It will bring more positivity in you towards people and things you take for granted.
  • Stretch yourself: Stretching makes your body flexible and joints stronger. Try stretching before sleep that will help you sleep early and it is a key to healthy body.
  • Plan the next day: Plan your next day before you sleep that what you are supposed to wear, your lunch and thing you are supposed to do next day, so you don’t scramble around in the morning.
  • Brush your teeth: Brushing your teeth has a enormous impact on your health, it makes gums healthy. Unhealthy gums and teeth lead to many diseases like heart and respiratory, it also worsens the mouth conditions so for a healthy life brush and floss your teeth every night.
  • Take off your makeup: We are usually too tired to remove our makeup before going to bed, well that is a dangerous thing because leaving makeup on your skin is like blocking your pores to moisturize itself by natural serum. This leads to acne also so for a healthy skin make a habit of removing your makeup before you go to bed.
  • Meditate: It is important to have a stress free sleep and the best thing to decrease stress is meditation. Mediating is a great ritual that gives you peaceful mind. It helps you to have a better memory, it makes you more creative and also decreases anxiety.



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