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7 symptoms of Depression

  1. Sadness: According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America  constant sadness is one of the hallmark traits of depression.  Sadness is the core reason that leads to thoughts of suicide.
  1. You will face sleep Problems: Sleeping too much without bothering about time or not getting enough sleep both are the common symptoms of depression. Some people suffering from depression keep sleeping so that they don’t have to face their problems and some experience insomnia where they feel overwhelmed to solve their problems.
  1. Appetite gets change: Depression affects the appetite of people,  sometimes it  makes people eat a lot or sometimes people stop eating at all. A depressed person can lead to weight loss also as the appetite changes.
  1. Loss Of Energy: It affects the energy of a person, a depressed person may experience a loss of focus such as having trouble in concentrating while watching a television show or reading an article. These people feel that they don’t have the mental and physical energy to respond to different things.
  1. Physical Symptoms: Symptoms of depression are not limited to be mental only but it has an array of physical symptoms like having stomach aches, headaches and chest tightness. When your mind is full of vague thoughts and you feel any of this physical symptom you are definitely depressed.
  1. Hopelessness: A person who experience depression thinks a lot and over-thinking leads to hopelessness and pessimism. As the most of the thoughts of a sufferer would be considering himself guilty of the past failures and faults. A depressed person would blame himself for all the failures and downfalls.
  1. Loss Of Interest: One common thing that people with depression experience have is loss of interest. They loose interest in things that they once used to love their hobbies their loved ones. The sufferers make themselves isolated from all the things that once brought joy in their lives.


Although there are proper treatments to overcome depression like  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy but one can also get rid of this severe disorder by doing useful meditation. According to a recent research mindfulness-based practices can be very helpful in treating anxiety and depression. If you feel any of the above symptoms, you should try mindful meditation to avoid anxiety.



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