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Feudals opposing administrative units in Sindh: Altaf Hussain

Addressing Sindhi-speaking MQM workers convention in Karachi via telephone, Altaf Hussain asked why are the Mohajirs (immigrants) considered outsiders when they are Sindhis and true heirs of Sindh.

MQM chief was of the view that feudal lords do not want local government elections or establishment of administrative units in Sindh as it will make feudal and land owners weak.

In an apparent jab towards PPP chairman Bilawal, Hussain said that those who chant “marsoon marsoon Sindh na desoon” should lend Sindh province to MQM for ten years.

“Give us control of Sindh for 10 years and we will get lands occupied by feudal land owners of the country back,” said Altaf.

“Mohajirs are accused of infringing the rights of Sindhis, but we all belong to the land of Sindh and we have always been the inheritors of Sindh.”

Altaf Hussain asked as to why a Urdu-speaking person cannot assume the charge of Chief Minister of Sindh.



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