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The numerous benefits of observing I'tikaf

I’tikaf is a form of worship which is unique and beautiful in its very own way. The Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to practice I’tikaf himself during the last ten days of Ramazan. I’tikaf worship normally requires a Muslim to seclude himself from worldly activities and desires. The Muslim secludes himself to a mosque for a specific number of days and does not engage with the rest of the world.

Here are ten benefits of I’tikaf which every Muslim derives, when he indulges in the holy act of worship:-

1. A Muslim is kept away from the desires of this world, during I’tikaf

Can there be anything simpler than spending time inside a mosque, all by yourself and reciting the praises of Allah? The inordinate desires of this world and its riches corrupt a man. Inside a mosque, for ten days, a Muslim remains aloof from the evil practices of this world.

2. A time for self-reflection

During the time spent in worship in a mosque, a Muslim indulges in self-inspection and reflection. One gauges his won faults, shortcomings and bad qualities. A person also focuses on how he can improve his character and revamp his image for the good.

3. It forms a close bond with Allah

Imagine being inside a mosque, with no particular purpose or intention except to engage in the worship of Allah. Will this not increase your bond and relationship with your one true Lord?

4. One gets to appreciate the blessings that he has

I’tikaf is a wonderful form of worship but it has its costs. One has to sacrifice the time that he spends with his family and materialistic ventures to indulge only in the remembrance of Allah. After indulging in I’tikaf worship only, does a Muslim realize the numerous bounties and blessings Allah has bestowed on him.

5. Understanding the Quran in a more profound way

I’tikaf provides us with that time of leisure which we can put to positive use, by reading and understanding the Holy Quran. People often skip the understanding part of the Quran and recite it, when they are in a hurry due to their daily chores. That is the beauty of I’tikaf, you have time on your hands and that is  reserved only for worship.

6. The Muslim reforms his character in a better way

After I’tikaf ibadah is over and one can take to his normal, social life again, the effects of this powerful worship always remain. The time spent in reforming your character in I’tikaf and indulging in the remembrance of Allah will no doubt bring back a positive, more pious character towards the society.

7. Refraining from idle talk and gossip

We might think of idle talk and gossip as a minor sin, but believe me it is not. It injures the sentiments of another whilst one has fun doing it. Gossiping, backbiting and idle talk always causes damage to the society hence I’tikaf is the best time to refrain from such activities and make a daily habit of it. Since people to people contact is diminished during I’tikaf, refraining from such vices becomes easy.

8. Man becomes less materialistic

I’tikaf causes one to remain away from his worldly matters, which aids him in reforming and revamping his character. Man often looses his essence and good deeds in running after the affairs of this world. I’tikaf saves us from that defect.



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