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8 celebrities who embraced Islam

Mamta Kulkarni

The famous Bollywood actress of nineties Mamta Kulkrani embraced Islam when she was found guilty in a smuggling case with her husband in Dubai airport. The actress turned Muslim when she was facing her conviction in Dubai.


Muhammad Yousuf

One of the most prolific and well known player of Pakistani cricket team formerly popular as Yusuf Youhana also embraced Islam and became Muhammad Yousuf. The batsman who is known as the backbone of Pakistan’s middle order converted to Islam in 2005 and since then he is a practicing Muslim.

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Muhammad Ali

Do you know Cassius Clay.. No! well the famous world heavy weight and boxing champion Muhammad Ali was Cassius Clay before converting to Islam. The famous boxer converted from baptist religion to Islam at the peak of his career.

Allah Rakha Rahman

The most famous Indian music composer and the only Oscar winner A.R Rahman (Allah Rakha Rahman) was born a Hindu with A.S Dilip Kumar as his name. The charismatic musician transformed from atheism to Islam in 1984 due to severe illness of his younger sister. A R Rahman practices Islam with full heart since then.

Mike Tyson

Like Muhammad Ali famous American boxer Mike Tyson also converted to Islam. The famous boxer embraced the religion when he was sentenced to prison for rape case.

Dave Chappelle

The famous comedian of Hollywood Dave Chappelle embraced Islam by declaring his belief in Allah in Media. The comedian also left his controversial show because of his religious beliefs.

Hans Raj Hans

Indian singer Han Raj Hans, who sang some popular hits like Aaja Nachle, Dil totey totey and Duma dum mast Qalander also converted to Islam. It has been reported that famous singer was studying Islamic literature that inspired him to embrace the peaceful religion.

Michael Jackson

The man who charmed the world with his unique dance and pop singing late Michael Jackson is also in the list of those who converted to Islam. The singer reportedly pledged to Islam and changed his name from Michael to Mikaael in Los Angeles at his friend’s residence in the presence of an Imam. There are also reports that the greatest singing sensation Michael Jackson entered the Muslim brotherhood when his brother Jermaine Jackson embraced Islam and changed his name to Muhammad Abdul Aziz. His sister Janet Jackson also converted to Islam after marrying a Qatar based businessman.



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