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8 most powerful female world leaders

1. Margaret Thatcher

The ‘Iron Lady’, the longest serving British Prime Minister of 20th century and the only female PM of United Kingdom Margaret Thatcher was surely one of the most powerful woman of 20th century. A research chemist and barrister Margaret became the first female PM in 1979 as the leader of conservative party and kept the office till 1990. She was known as the ‘Iron Lady’ a title given to her by a soviet journalist for her uncompromising politics and leadership style.

2. Indira Gandhi

Indira Gandhi was the 3rd Prime Minister and first female Prime Minister of India. She was the only daughter of first PM of India  and paramount leader of Indian independence movement Jawaharlal Nehru.  Indira Gandhi kept the Premiership twice (1966-77) and (1980-84) until she got assassinated in 1984. She is also the only woman to hold the PM office.

 3. Hillary Clinton

An author, politician, lawyer, philanthropist and only first lady of United States who held postgraduate degree Hilary Clinton is among the most powerful female world leaders. Hillary is one of those women who have changed the shape of the history by getting nominated as the first ever woman in US for presidential election. She even is the first women who had won a major American party’s presidential primary for the purposes of delegate selection. Hillary Rodham Clinton became the only first lady to hold the US national office when she became the 67th US secretary of state in 2009 and she is also the first woman to be elected to the U.S. Senate from New York.  One of the most powerful lawyers of America Hillary Clinton is among the female pioneers of the world.

4. Benazir Bhutto

The daughter of the east was the first woman to become the chairperson of a leading political party in Pakistan. A scion of Bhutto family did not have only this honor but she shaped the history of the world when she emerged as the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan and of any Islamic state by breaking all the prejudices. She is still the only Pakistani woman to hold that position. Benazir Bhutto is also the only Pakistani woman to have waxed statue in Madame Tussauds museum.

5. Khaleda Zia


Khaleda Zia was the first female Prime Minister of Bangladesh. The lady who got the office in 1991 governed the country when it was suffering from natural disaster, economic distress and civil unrest. She kept the PM office twice and she has been giving a tough fight to her rival Sheikh Haseena Wajid in the political arena of Bangladesh.


6. Angela Merkel

When it comes to female world leaders Angela Merkel is probably the most powerful world leader of today. The German Chancellor is the head of the government of Germany. She is holding the big office since 2005. Angela is a former scientist who is also the leader of the Christian Democratic Union since 2000 she is first German citizen two hold this office.


7. Dilma Rousseff

Dilma Rousseff is also a powerful world leader who is the first female president of Brazil. The woman who faced electric shocks and torture in prison during the military rule in 1970, became the president in January 2011 and she currently holds the position.


8. Haseena Wajid


Sheikh Haseena Wajid the daughter of the founding father of Bangladesh became the elected leader of Awami League in 1981 when she returned from the exile after her father’s assassination. Haseena faced many hardships for democracy and got elected as the Prime Minister of Bangladesh in 1996.  In 2001 when she completed her tenure she became the first prime minister since independence to complete a full five-year term. The lady currently is the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

We have not followed any order in this list.



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