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8 reasons why Salman Khan should be sent to prison!

With all the news surrounding Salman’s 5 year prison sentence (and its subsequent suspension), the whole world was gripped with suspense and later, relief. Since Salman dodged the imprisonment sentence bullet with a meager bail of Rs.30,000 we came up with a list of reasons why the actor should languish in a cell!

1. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

Well, obviously if Salman drove over a homeless person and killed him on the spot, then he should go to jail for it! Fine, it might have been a heinous mistake on the actor’s behalf, but the law is the law, isn’t it?

2. His knack for breaking the law

For those of you who have been successfully cast under the actor’s ‘Being Human’ spell, let’s not not forget his knack for getting into trouble with the law. The actor has previously been apprehended for poaching the Blackbuck bird.

3. Money does buy happiness, and a good legal team!

Come on, haven’t we witnessed this spectacle in the ‘real and reel life’ time and again? Those who can afford the luxuries of life often commit crimes and then get out. Money does buy happiness, and an adeptly accomplished team of lawyers!

4. Being human is not enough, at times!

So what if he spent oodles of amounts on charitable ventures and philanthropic activities? None of them benefited the homeless man who was crushed by Salman’s vehicle!

5. Setting an example for society

For those who are not fortunate enough to hoard millions of rupees in their bank accounts or command a global fan following, such cases usually conclude with them being found guilty. Justice should be blind, in my opinion and desist from sending mixed signals to societal members!

6. The use and abuse of influence

Influential, Bollywood millionaire versus the family of a homeless man. Seriously? I mean, we all know how much influence Salman might have yielded behind closed doors to get out of the hit and run fix!

7. Some facts of the case which place Salman in trouble 

You might sympathize with Salman’s philanthropic activities yet it’s no secret what a member of his security detail that night revealed about the actor. “The people were sleeping on the footpath. Salman and (his cousin) Kamaal ran away from the spot,” said the constable, who died in 2007 of tuberculosis.

8. His driver’s timely confession, oh please! 

It’s futile to argue with the person who buys into his driver’s confession that Salman wasn’t behind the wheel of the white Toyota land cruiser, which ran over the homeless chap. I mean, why hadn’t that individual surfaced in all these years?





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