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8 reasons why Sunny Leone should visit Pakistan

1. Just like India, Sunny Leone has many fans in Pakistan as well!

Sunny Leone

Yes, it’s true! The former adult actress and currently Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has many fans in Pakistan, who have watched her Bollywood movies and seen her groove to some popular Indian dance numbers. Shouldn’t the glamour girl pay her Pakistani fans a visit?

2. Her songs such as Baby Doll are quite popular in Pakistan

Sunny Leone

In wedding ceremonies throughout Pakistan, Sunny Leone’s songs such as Baby Doll are quite popularly used. Pakistanis undoubtedly do favour songs that the former adult actress dances to.

3. If Naseeruddin Shah can can come to Pakistan, why can’t Sunny?

Sunny Leone

The veteran actor has crossed borders and graced us with his presence every few years, to perform in Pakistan or to launch a book. Even Bollywood actors Hrithik Roshan and Salman Khan recently expressed their desires to visit Pakistan. Why can’t Sunny do the same?

4. Pakistan has many tourist resorts, if Sunny ever wants to vacation outside India 

Sunny Leone

Pakistan has many breathtaking sights and tourist resorts, such as in the Northern Areas and Punjab, where foreigners love to be. If ever Sunny Leone decides to kick back and take a break from her grueling schedule, what better country than Pakistan to do that?

5. Ours is a budding film industry which might prove to be beneficial for her career

Sunny Leone

Sunny is signing films in India but not with A-list actor such as Salman Khan, Amitabh Bachchan, Aamir Khan or Shah Rukh Khan, is she? However, the Pakistani film industry is currently on the rise and maybe Sunny can use that to her advantage, by cementing a place in Lollywood.

6. Plenty of Pakistani male co-stars who’d love to star opposite Sunny Leone!

Sunny Leone

When it comes to doing a feature film movie with Sunny Leone, we certainly don’t have a dearth of good-looking male co-stars who’d want to star in a film with her!

7. Who knows, her visit might enhance India-Pakistan relations!

Sunny Leone

This might be a long shot, but suppose Sunny Leone’s visit might thaw frosty relations between the two  hostile nations?

8. Pakistanis have always accepted Indian celebrities with open arms

Sunny Leone

Swara Bhaskar and Naseeruddin Shah have always acknowledged and shared incidents of how Pakistanis have tremendously hosted them with love. I guess it’s safe to say Sunny Leone will probably receive double the love of both stars combined, if she decides to land in our country.



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