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9 funny bloopers in some blockbusters of all times

Filmmakers always try to make their movie flawless, a perfect one but somehow human nature tends to do mistakes and on-screen these little errors become very visible.

So here is a list of few funny mistakes in some epic hits of all time. 



The epic bollywood blockbuster of nineties Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayeinge is so deeply loved by the fans that they might have not ignored little errors in the movie.

Here in this scene in which Kajol is standing on the green grass and suddenly when SRK appears the green grass turns into a field full of mustard flowers.




Friends (popular TV sitcom)


The most popular American television sitcom ‘Friends’ also has some silly mistakes. In the above picture the couple at the backside changed their positions in the same scene.





This is an amazing mistake from the first Indian superhero movie Krish sequel, which tells that Superheroes can also do humanly errors. The flaw is in the Raghupati Raghav song of the movie in which Hrithik’s shirt changes from full sleeves to half and then full in the same song.







Titanic the epic romantic film is one of the biggest hits of all time but the biggest hit can’t also be considered flawless as there were some minor errors. One of the most visible errors is the beauty mark on Kate’s face that kept changing from right to left in different scenes.






This is a scene from a multi-starrer movie Race sequel, it is also a bollywood’s 100 club film. The blunder in this photo is that Deepika Padukone’ glasses changed from one color to another in the same scene.

Take a look again





Face Off


The American science fiction action film Face/off which had the star cast of John Travolta and Nicholas Cage was a terrific hit.

The film had few silly mistakes like the above one in which John Travolta  and his shirts is filled with blood strain but when he reaches the hospital the blood strains disappear quickly. Now the blood strains are on pillow instead of his shirt’s collar.




Dhoom 3


Aamir Khan is known as Mr. Perfectionist but this scene tells that he is a human enough to do small errors.


This is the climax scene of Dhoom 3 in which the identical twin brothers were about to jump, blooper is the boys were holding different hands when they were hanging on the bridge and the placement of hands changed automatically when they were falling down.



Spider Man

Look at this funny blooper of a scene in Spider Man when the windows got broken during a fight and they gets mend by themselves after the fight.



Katrina in Dhoom 3


There is another mistake from Dhoom 3 in which Katrina is not wearing any stocking when the song started and the stockings automatically appear in the middle of the song.



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