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90’s favourite pop singer ‘Bunny’ recalls music career

90’s famous singer Mohsin Raza Khan famously known as Bunny and renowned for his first hit ‘Dil Mein Tum’ graced the ARY News’ The Morning Show’ with his presence and recalled his singing career and personal life.

Bunny who appeared in the show on Wednesday recalled that his started his music career in 1973 by joining a band in Lahore performing in hotels, and later toured across Europe performing in clubs and bars, until he returned to Pakistan.

He released his debut album and the song Dil Mein Tum eventually became a hit in 1989.

He also received no formal training saying that ‘acting and singing is god-gifted’ and he was interested since childhood.

“My father was in the army, there was no concept of singing or arts,” he said but he was determined to pursue it.

Narrating an incident when he was in London to visit his elder sister, he got a prospectus to get admission in a film institute. He told his sister to request their father to pay the fees, but he declined and told to ‘kick him out of the house’.

He was not able to pursue the course but used his influences including iconic legends like Beatles and Rolling Stones to carry forward his career.

He revealed that he married thrice, his first wife was Iranian, second was Turkish and the third was British.

He met his first wife who was medical student in Lahore, and eventually divorced due ‘immaturity’ aged 19. He met his second while performing at a nightclub in Istanbul and parted ways after seven years and having one child.

“Love lasts for six months, the rest is companionship and respect,” he said.

“You only love your mother, children, and your siblings. This is what I learnt after being kicked out by three women,”

He recalled that Bunny was a nickname given by his father which he carried forward and eventually turned out to be lucky for him.

“I never aspired for fame until once I was in Italy when I realised that I should have my own album”



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