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Waqar travels to Australia in search of dream girl!

The self proclaimed daredevil revealed that his new show will be a mixture of a travelogue as well as showcasing the hunt for the girl of his dreams. Waqar also elaborated that whilst the whole world, including Pakistani’s would be engrossed in the cricketing action during ICC’s mega event, Waqar will be hosting his show from that stands. What would he be doing, might you ask? Capturing the rage, reaction, anticipation and analysis of the Pakistani fans for the opposing teams.
“The search for my dream girl will be a part of my new show that I will be doing for the audiences on smartphones,” Waqar told a private media newspaper in Pakistan.“So, basically all the TV channels will be focusing on the match but I will be in the crowd, talking to them, capturing their vengeance against the opposing team. I mean just imagine how it would feel to be in the stands of the Pakistan vs India cricket match and bring that action live for mobile phone users”.

“The show will basically be a mixture of a travelogue, my hunt for my dream girl and a lot of other entertaining stuff that will keep the audiences engaged during Pakistan’s matches,” he says, adding that the show would basically follow the format of Borat, except “I will submerge myself in the crowd as Borat.”
The ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has already gripped the cricket-mad nation with frenzy as hype regarding the India-Pakistan match builds. The tournament kicks off on 14th February with New Zealand playing Sri Lanka in the first match and Australia clashing against old nemesis England in the second fixture. All eyes will be set, however, on the 15th February clash between India and Pakistan.


For Waqar, controversy comes with the package. His hit TV show Living on the Edge gained popularity as well as criticism for featuring some grotesque acts by contestants, such as eating cockroaches and performing life threatening acts. Let’s hope Waqar’s show takes off and he finds an equally daredevil match for himself!



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