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92 year old woman rises from the dead!

Have you ever seen a case where the dead has risen from the grave? Well, an almost similar situation occurred in Germany when an elderly lady in her nineties, rose up from a coffin! Thank God they hadn’t buried her yet!

The old woman had been pronounced dead hours earlier in the German city of Gelsenkirchen and taken to the Munstermann funeral parlor. However, soon after the woman was discovered as alive, an ambulance was called and the woman was rushed back to a local hospital, where she died on Monday.

An investigation will be conducted to determine how exactly was the woman pronounced dead, when infact she was alive and breathing. According to reports, the woman had been found dead by a carer at the nursing home where she was staying and it was thought that she had stopped breathing.

Lother Burger, head of the retirement center where she had been alive but pronounced dead, was ashamed of the incident. He said: ‘This is terrible and inexplicable. We are being devoured by the press, we are being pilloried.’



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