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Female ‘Thor’ will not be ‘She-Thor’ or ‘Thorita’

The Norse God who holds a hammer in his hand is about to change his sex, in a new series of comic book icon, publishers had informed media earlier.

The female Thor reportedly will be a full fledged addition to the series and not just a part time or auxiliary character.

The change of gender is not unprecedented for Marvel, which was bought by entertainment giant The Walt Disney Company in 2009. Captain Marvel used to be male, but is now female.

In Hollywood, Thor has been portrayed by Australian actor Chris Hemsworth in two “Thor” films as well as 2012’s record-breaking “The Avengers.”

 He will again play the role in “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” due out next year.

It is still unclear whether the Australian actor will have to hang up his hammer, to be replaced by a female Thor.



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