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PHOTO FEATURE: A look at a beautiful wooden mosque in Chitral

The mosque is made of wood and is located at Chitral district’s Kailash Valley. It was constructed in 1957 and revamped in 1991.

The entrance doorway of the mosque
The veranda of the mosque

In fact, most of the worship places for Muslims in the mountainous areas are wooden rectangular with square designed minaret.

The minaret of the mosque

It should be noted that the mosques are made of Diar Wood as it is easily available in the area.
The village, in which the mosque is located, lies next to the Pak-Afghan border and high security is provided to the tourists for visit the small fish farm.

The prayer leader of the mosque

This mosque is constructed next to the fish farm and is extremely beautiful and simple.

The worship place is painted in green color which suits the surroundings. The Afghan mountains are also visible from the mosque.

Peaceful atmosphere is felt in the mosque despite being located at one of the most hostile regions of the country.

The prayer hall
The pulpit (Mimbar) of the mosque

However, locals have stated there is threat from Afghan Taliban from the other side of the border.

The writer is an architect and researcher based in Lahore. 



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